French team – Scandal in Qatar, the French team arrested

French team – Scandal in Qatar, the French team arrested

The France team is called upon to react to the situation in Qatar, where the World Cup has highlighted the treatment of workers. FIFA is also severely pinned down.

2010 is the year the World Cup was awarded to Qatar. And for Amnesty International, this is where the problems began, and where the world of football participated in the mistreatment of thousands of workers. Now is the time to pay, says the non-governmental organization that defends human rights around the world. In a salty report, highlighting the total absence of workers’ rights, but also highlighting the efforts made by the Emirate in front of the international uproar to improve conditions in recent years, Amnesty International is now asking FIFA to pay the broken pots. The world body is guilty of turning a blind eye to all the conditions of the workers, in return for a guarantee of recovering several billion dollars with the organization of this event.

420 million euros for repairs

By awarding the World Cup to Qatar, FIFA contributed to serious and widespread violations of migrant labor rights and paved the way for further violations. FIFA has also failed to prevent or mitigate the risk of workplace abuse in the years since the World Cup was awarded. “, delivered Amnesty International, which recalls that the commitment of FIFA and Qatar to grant reparations has not been kept so far. The organization is thus claiming a minimum of 420 million euros to be released from FIFA to make reparations for the hundreds of thousands of victims. A sum that is supposed to allow exploited workers to receive unpaid wages, to compensate the injured and the families of the dead on the construction sites.

Claims that will be difficult to obtain in front of the wall that FIFA can represent when it closes its eyes. This is why Amnesty France also called on the Blues on this day when Didier Deschamps will give his list for the matches in June. ” Wage theft, confiscation of passports, unlimited working hours, ban on changing jobs or leaving the country… migrant workers at the World Cup in Qatar are exploited and mistreated. Trapped in the hell of Qatar, thousands of people died. In France, we call on the French Football Federation (FFF) to act in the face of these violations of the rights of thousands of migrant workers in Qatar. You will enter the legend if, as reigning world champions, you help us to defend and support migrant people working in undignified conditions in Qatar, and without whom this World Cup could never have seen the light of day. Your talent is worth gold, your word must weigh just as much! “Asks the NGO in an open letter to the Blues.

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