FRANCE TEAM – LEAGUE OF NATIONS – Why Deschamps did not recall Olivier Giroud in Blue

FRANCE TEAM – LEAGUE OF NATIONS – Why Deschamps did not recall Olivier Giroud in Blue

After the hour of choices, the hour of conclusions. And they are not necessarily very exciting for Olivier Giroud. The one whose name everyone was scrutinizing in this list of Didier Deschamps was not selected for the matches of the French team in the League of Nations, at the beginning of June. And inevitably, it’s not a decision like the others when Karim Benzema makes his comeback logically. “I leave you free to your hasty conclusions“, immediately launched the boss of the Blues on the defensive when he was questioned about the Giroud case. A sign that the subject is not a file like the others.

Recalled in March to compensate for the package of Benzema who injured his left calf in March, Olivier Giroud had yet demonstrated that he remained this striker still as effective under the blue tunic. In two matches against Côte d’Ivoire (2-1) and South Africa (5-0), the Milanese, who could be crowned Italian champion this weekend, had planted two goals to swell another little more his record in Blue (112 selections and 48 goals). But that did not change DD’s idea of ​​his case. “In March, he came and it went well for the French team and for him too, launched the coach of the Blues. Afterwards, take up what I have been saying since March. What I think of his situation and status.”

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It’s not specific to Olivier, but it’s very very difficult to live with

What Deschamps thinks is indeed clear and clear. Through his past with the France team, Olivier Giroud, who had been set aside after Euro 2020, has a status in Blue. But if he has to call back the former serial scorer from Montpellier when everyone is available, it would be to be a substitute, the Benzema-Mbappé duo having become untouchable. And for Deschamps – always so attached to the balance of his group – that poses a problem. This question of status being anything but a detail.

It’s always the great difficulty to have a player who has a status, who has deserved it… If he doesn’t have that same status and he’s still there, it’s hard to live with. Not to say impossible, had slipped the boss of the world champions in March. It’s human. When you’re used to having 100, if you have to be satisfied with 40… It’s not specific to Olivier, but it’s very, very difficult to live with“.

I make sure to stay consistent with what I say

Right in his boots on this idea, Deschamps also has in mind to see other players at the international level to support or supplement his star duo. “I want on his four matches there to offer the possibility to other attacking players who are performing well with their club and have had less playing time to become seasonedr”, launched the former OM midfielder, who notably cited the best player of the season in the Bundesliga, Christopher Nkunku (Leipzig), or Moussa Diaby (Leverkusen) and Wissam Ben Yedder (Monaco). that it doesn’t come out of nowhere: he also recalled the same seven attackers as in his last list before the injury of Karim Benzema. And during this time, Giroud therefore remains an option… in the event of injuries to one of the front frames.”I make sure to stay consistent with what I tell you and what I tell the players“, further argued Deschamps.

The World Cup is getting closer though. And one thing is clear: when the World Cup is launched, there will be no possibility of recalling a player if he has been set aside at the start of the biggest football event. So, will Deschamps take the risk at that time of doing without the services of the stainless Milan striker, second best scorer in the history of the Blues? “When I have to make the list in November, then you will have the answer. Before, I don’t know what can happen“, warns Deschamps.

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