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Florent Pagny very weak, what the singer hides live in The Voice!

The singer Florent Pagny is a real fighter. Despite his chemotherapy, he goes on the set of The Voice to accompany and support the talents of his team.

Fans of artist Florent Pagny were saddened to learn that his 60th birthday tour had to be cancelled. But he has a good reason: I have just been diagnosed with a tumor in the lung, a cancerous tumor which is not very beautiful and which cannot be operated on, he explains on social networks.

Florent Pagny illness

If the news is worrying, Florent Pagny the interpreter of My Freedom of Thought remains no less optimistic: take care of yourself, be well, when all this is settled, we will meet again, I will come and finish what I started, maybe for the 61st birthday tour.

Florent Pagny affected by cancer, he postpones his tour

The artist intends to continue his career and get back on stage to meet his audience again. And for that, he knows that he must undergo a heavy treatment of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

On television, for the show United for Ukraine, Florent Pagny appeared with a shaved head, a characteristic sign of the treatment he is undergoing against cancer. And it is not because he is sick that he intends to stay at home, quite the contrary:

We are messengers, and with what is happening we are sending messages of love, messages of hope and messages of peace. It is our vocation. When I received this message asking me if I would be fit enough to come and support Ukraine, to draw some attention to it, to call for donations? Well, yes, yes, I will be there. I can still sing.

This new look by Florent Pagny, however, shocked Internet users who did not necessarily expect it and who continue to send messages of support. All hope that the singer will manage to overcome this disease.

A new look and good news

The more the days pass, the closer the singer gets to recovery. This is what he said on Instagram, stating that he has been very receptive to chemotherapy since his tumor is much smaller than a few months ago.

Good news for the singer who seems convinced to be able to find his fans for his 61st birthday tour. In the columns of Gala, he even philosophizes about the lessons he learned from the disease:

Now I’m coming out of the tunnel. I have some answers that allow me to better assess the situation and that revives in me certain things that I lost a little, at my age. This cancer kind of woke me up reveals Florent Pagny, and it redefined my priorities. As soon as my protocol is finished, I will quickly move on to something else!.

Facing the camera on Instagram, he specifies that his look is indeed different. We know how traumatic chemotherapy is for the body. But it’s only better to come back. For the live episodes of The Voice, he nevertheless made a decision.

Florent Pagny wears glasses for the show

A choice that aims to make it visually less sick. In the columns of Ton Mag, he explains his decision:

I assume my head even if I risk putting on glasses because of the fall of my eyelashes which makes me look really sick, but the rest I manage, he said.

And he had fun with his new look: I have no hair, no beard, no eyebrows! What do you want, I’ve always worked on every look, but now I’m taking it to the extreme. It is the purest!

Florent Pagny

The production, as well as the fans, are undoubtedly delighted that the singer can play the role of coach. Indeed, they had planned to call on Patrick Fiori, a good friend of Florent Pagny, to replace him in case his state of health prevented him from doing the show. But as Amel Bent says so well, Florent Pagny is a warrior and he proves it once again.

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