EXCLUDED.  Nicolas Waldorf swings on the behavior of Loana

EXCLUDED. Nicolas Waldorf swings on the behavior of Loana

By FannyBardin

– Posted on May 18, 2022 at 5:30 p.m.

Discover without further delay the second part of the interview with Nicolas Waldorf, the famous hairdresser of the program Incroyables Transformations. Moreover, speaking of this program, he made many revelations on this subject as well as on Loana which was notably revamped by him.

On Thursday May 12, 2022, Nicolas Waldorf published his first book. This is titled You have an appointment ? and he deserves a real box. In this book, the young man shares his most precious advice for having hair that is more beautiful than ever. On the occasion of the release of this book, the editorial staff of melty had the chance to interview the famous hairdresser fromIncredible Transformations. After having published to you the first part of this interview in which the comrade of Charla Carter and Lea Djadja talked about his book and his journey to become what he is now, we invite you to discover all his confidences on the show which revealed him to the general public. Nicolas Waldorf unveiled behind the scenes while swinging on loana who clashed the program after being redesigned.

Hello. How did you come to do TV?

Nicolas Waldorf, hairdresser for the program Incroyables Transformations: It started with a wild casting. It was just after the press launch of my first company. I had just opened my first salon, M6 arrived to interview me but what I didn’t know was that it was a wild casting. I was told why your salon would be the best and I said, ‘Because it’s the best little asshole. I opened the best concept, I will change the world’. So I was very sure of myself but because I said to myself he’s a little asshole of a journalist, I’m going to catch him. And in the end, two hours after the production calls me and says: ‘We want you, it’s a pilot, competition for the best hairdresser etc’. I tell them: ‘Are you kidding me? But no, we’re not going to do that, I’m 28. If I lose the competition, it’s my reputation, it’s dead. Then they called us back, called back, called back and Alexia Laroche Joubert called me and said: ‘Please show young people that you can make a success of your life and that you can manage to set up a party business. You’re welcome’. I said to him: ‘You will send your children to a program like that?’ She said to me: ‘Without hesitation’. This is where we signed.

When M6 offered you Incroyables Transformations, did you immediately accept?

Nicholas Waldorf: No, at the beginning I said: ‘It will never work, the hairstyle is of no interest to anyone, it’s going to be crap’. And basically they said to me: ‘Good listen, please do it and we’ll see’. And when we shot a show, I admit we all cried at the end because we didn’t even recognize the client. So we said to ourselves, it’s still not bad. I was very well surrounded, we had a production that was cool, they let me be myself when at the start they really weren’t ready for my personality. I’m a pretty self-assured person, I don’t hesitate to wear stilettos on a TV set, I dress up, I play pranks…. And at the beginning they said: ‘No no we can’t do that’ and in the end when the post prod saw the rushes, they said to themselves ‘we may have to go up because there are 3km of laughter and bullshit. And little by little, I was given more freedom. They let me be myself despite my demands. And when you are trusted, you have to reveal yourself. I signed with M6 also because my grandfather had this channel. I wanted him to be able to see me from his retirement home and see that I had made it. It was very important to me that people who were afraid for me could see me every day.

The current goes well with Charla Carter and Léa Djadja. But are there times when you disagree over a makeover in Incredible Transformations?

Nicholas Waldorf: The current passes more or less with some and some. There are definitely tensions. I have unlimited adoration for Charla Carter because she taught me how to dress and understand what the fashion message was, why send such a message and wear such a color. Charla I really have unconditional love for her. Léa is my baby, she is my little sister. I’m always briefing her, yelling at her because she’s always late, unorganized. She’s really a baby so I protect her and at the same time I slap her ass because really, sometimes she annoys me. And then there are the substitutes, I get on very well with them, it’s a crazy team! I get along a little less with one, I won’t tell you the first name but hey… We are not the same. I think I’m someone who lives too much in the present while this person is too much in the projection so it’s a bit complicated.

Which celebrities would you like to transform on the show?

Nicholas Waldorf: I would like to transform Celine Dion because I’m a fan and I think she’s aging a little bit so I’d like to give her a boost. As a man, I would say Matthieu Delormeau because he never evolved in his style. It’s a bit disappointing!

After a makeover in Incredible Transformations, Loana clashed the show. How did you experience it?

Nicholas Waldorf: It was a big gamble for me to give Loana a makeover because she was an icon that has gone downhill a bit in recent years. I was very proud of it. Well it made a buzz because she was a little on TV sets. She did not see what had been done for her. She couldn’t really be objective but it was I think one of the most spectacular transformations. It was a dream to transform a star like that that I had known as a child! But as for the fact that she clashed with the show, I didn’t experience it badly because I’ve been doing this for 20 years and I can understand that tastes and colors are not to be discussed. Now I was convinced, because everyone was crying on set, that something was really going to happen. And really, she looked better than on the cover of Elle that she did a few years ago. She was on top but I think it was a lot of changes and she wasn’t ready. She still changed her mind 5 times on set. So I knew we were on a very complicated personality but I said to myself “too bad”. But I was disappointed! in addition she lied, she said I dyed her brunette and cut her hair short. I can tell you that she was very blonde and that she had long hair. After people who talk nonsense you can’t force them to say smart things!

Would you be up for a new season of the show?

Nicholas Waldorf: I still hesitate ! I think I may have done the trick. Sometimes I want to entertain, to continue to help people, to support hairdressers, businesses. I may want to transform people so that they find love. I want to change things up. I don’t think I will stay 10 years in an agency where I clash with people and give them a makeover afterwards. I think things will evolve. I love doing it but for now I’m in a mood where I’m already finishing this season and I’ll see. I admit that I want to do theatre, want to play comedy… I have lots of projects!

A last word for the meltynauts?

Nicholas Waldorf: If you need advice, if you’re not sure of yourself anymore, if you need to understand how I manage to be more sure of myself in the morning, buy this book because your mum, your daughter, your son, your husband… It’s a book I wrote thinking of everyone. It’s a book that is supportive, that will help… It’s full of jokes, funny stuff! It’s a bit like a road book, a bible. Buy it, to meet me or not but at least you’ll love it!

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