Cash found at Jean-Pierre Pernaut’s: this improbable hiding place…

Nathalie Marquay and Jean-Pierre Pernaut form an inseparable couple in the minds of the public. Indeed, although the journalist left this world before celebrating his 72 years, it is impossible to believe that his wife will one day be able to forget him. Nevertheless, she had to take time for herself and for her loved ones in order to manage to hold back her tears while talking about her late husband. When it was possible for her, she agreed to go to the set of TPMP. Cyril Hanouna and his team of columnists listened carefully to the secrets of Nathalie Marquay. Moving secrets about the last moments of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, the signs he gives him from the other world as well as this unusual hiding place in which he had left cash for his wife. Objeko tell you everything.

Nathalie Marquay is back in TPMP to talk about Jean-Pierre Pernaut

Needless to say to our readers, Jean-Pierre Pernaut was one of the most beloved public figures of the French. An essential television journalist, he is at the origin of the formula of the 1 p.m. news as we know it. This famous television news which treats the French regions as stars of the small screen. Highlighting heritage and know-how. But Nathalie Marquay is formal, her husband is no longer in this world but that does not prevent her from communicating with him.

A remark that will reassure the most superstitious and worry the most skeptical. But everyone will agree on the fact that it is enough to know that this reassures Nathalie Marquay. Indeed, it is a terrible ordeal for her and for the children of Jean-Pierre Pernaut to continue to live despite his absence. Thus, even if she believes in a form of life after death, the former Miss France recognizes that her husband misses her and that his absence is very difficult for her.

Especially since she thought he was going to make it, like the readers ofObjeko certainly. That she did everything to accompany him in his fight and that she found him remarkable for his courage. That said, Nathalie Marqay admitted a disturbing detail on the set of TPMP this may 17, she had the feeling that Jean-Pierre Pernaut would not celebrate his 72 years.

The journalist continues to accompany his wife from beyond?

The widow of Jean-Pierre Pernaut is still in a wheel of immense grief and obviously seeks to give meaning to the death of her husband. Indeed, it is a natural behavior to seek the causes and the culprits in such a situation. Despite everything, she admits to having toned down her remarks about the vaccine and the strokes of the father of her children.

Children who are also very courageous and who know how to support their mothers. Julia and Olivier too, the first children of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, are admirable and welded with Lou, Tom and Nathalie Marquay, in pain. Objeko cannot doubt that the loved ones and family of our national JPP are united in the face of adversity.

Finally, she told an anecdote that was sure to appeal to the public. Nathalie Marquay claims to have found cash in the library of their house following a “discussion” with Jean-Pierre Pernaut. Indeed, even if he left this world, it happens to the former Miss France to speak with her late husband. And when she broached the subject of financing their children’s studies, she felt the urgency of going to the library, opened a book and found 500 euros in small denominations!

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