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Camille Lellouche pregnant, her sentimental situation sows doubt, is she in a relationship?

On Tuesday May 17, Camille Lellouche revealed on her Instagram account that she was 5 months pregnant. Her community was both happy for this famous comedian but also puzzled. For the good reason that everyone is still wondering about the sentimental and private life of the young woman. It should be noted that the latter has always wanted to keep her intimate life secret. Who is the father of this child? This is the question that has been circulating on twitter since yesterday!

Camille Lellouche: The discovery of tele-hook The Voice will become a mother!

Camille Lellouche, the social media star with 2.4 million subscribers, has announced that she is expecting her first child. Being overwhelmed with her emotions, the 35-year-old couldn’t help but share the happy news with her fans this week. Through a video on Instagram, the beautiful comedian has winds of this happy event tears in the eyes. We notice that she is really moved by the idea of ​​becoming a mother for the first time in her life!

For others, the abundance of tears on Camille Lellouche’s eyes may be linked to the hormonal disturbances generated by pregnancy. At the same time, the brunette star took advantage of the moment of confidence with her community to reveal the sex of the child. For your information, therefore, the young comedian awaits the arrival of a princess to fill her life. In other words, the ultrasound results indicate that the child is a girl !

The suspicions of the star’s fans still hang over the paternity of the child!

Certainly, waiting for a pregnancy is still considered a boon in a woman’s life. Especially if she can live it in the best conditions like having all her relatives around her but also her husband at her bedside. However, in the case of Camille Lellouche, she is still titled single. A priori, his fans have never noticed a man being part of his life. Besides, she still prefers to stay discreet in his romantic relationships !

In the end, would Camille Lellouche be secretly in a relationship? This question still remains unanswered. The only time she appeared next to a man, it was a video with Rayane Bensetti. He is also an actor. During their intense exchange, they ended up kissing in public. Moreover, a situation that has circulated many rumors. However, we have never been able to verify the theory of a relationship between these two celebrities!

Camille Lellouche: She had a painful romantic relationship in the past!

In general, Camille Lellouche does not like to spread her private life too much in front of everyone. Hence the reason why she never confides in the adventures of her life. On the other hand, one day, the young dark-haired woman is gone through a severe ordeal which affected her greatly. Moreover, she even started to lose weight because of these problems. If she was 52 kg in general, she ended up having only 40 kg.

According to her, the reason is that she was vomiting a lot during the day. To find out the source of her worries, the show Sept à Huit invited her to their set. At this moment, she was kind enough to confide in a part of her life. In this way, we discovered that Camille Lellouche has long been beaten by her spouse without knowing his identity!

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