Banned from Instagram, Booba denounces the "censorship" of the social network

Banned from Instagram, Booba denounces the “censorship” of the social network

Suspended on numerous occasions from Instagram for this content deemed contrary to the rules of use of the platform, the rapper returned to these sanctions this Wednesday in a press release.

Too much provocation. After losing his personal account on Instagram, which had more than 5 million subscribers, and seeing his many other profiles suspended, Booba spoke out on Wednesday about the sanctions put in place by the social network.

In a press release published on his Twitter account, the rapper denounces “the censorship and the attack on the freedom of expression of Instagram”. As the text specifies, Booba took Facebook (owner of Instagram) to court in 2022 to obtain a conviction for what the artist describes as “violent methods of censorship”.

Multiple suspensions

Customary of controversies and clashes, Booba maintains a complicated relationship with social networks. The rapper frequently uses his different profiles to promote himself and the artists on his label, but above all to settle accounts with his fellow rappers. Recently, Médine, Vald, Rohff or Gims have borne the brunt of these targeted messages.

Faced with these remarks deemed to be “inciting hatred”, Instagram had decided in 2020 to ban Booba, temporarily at first, then for life, from the platform, by deleting his personal account, as well as another profile managed by his teams.

“In January, we banned Booba from Instagram for violating community standards,” Instagram told the Huffington Post. “We have now also permanently deleted @boobaofficial, the Booba fan account managed by his teams”, for having “violated these rules on several occasions.”

But since then, the artist has quickly found tips to continue sharing his content and avoid being suspended again. If he now mainly communicates with his fans via his media @oklm Booba created last April @ifp92i, a profile on which he pretends to be a fan account of himself.

Controversial positions

In addition to the ad hominem attacks and the octagon proposals, Booba also arouses controversy for the content of his remarks concerning the news. Since the start of the health crisis, he has spoken openly about vaccination, regularly giving visibility to conspiratorial or anti-vax profiles, as Tristan Mendes France reminds us in a column on France Inter.

In his speech, the digital specialist and collaborator at the Conspiracy Observatory takes as an example a tweet from Booba, dating from April 2020, in which he relays to his millions of subscribers a video of anti-vaccine activist Tal Schaller. In it, Tal Schaller states, among other things, that “vaccines are a planetary genocide”.

More recently, Booba has also taken hold of presidential news by relaying from a video by Éric Zemmourbut also internationally, regularly commenting on the war in Ukraine.

As reported by Tristan Mendes France, the one who decided to break his sponsor with Puma because the company suspended its activities in Russia, is sharing more and more pro-Putin content on his networks.

The rapper notably retweeted to his subscribers a video titled “Putin the savior” but also shared in stories on his Instagram account. a propaganda photo of Chechen dictator Kadyrov’s militia – which is currently taking part in the invasion of Ukraine – and relayed a conspiratorial site containing elements of Russian propaganda language on the Nazis in Ukraine. A content all the more risky as the rapper’s audience is very young.

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