Aave lance officiellement Lens, un protocole pour les médias sociaux décentralisés

Aave officially launches Lens, a protocol for decentralized social media

Official launch of Lens Protocol

Only a few months after the announcement of this ambitious project, Lens Protocol is officially launched on the Polygon blockchain (MATIC). In a nutshell, the project describes itself as a “permissionless”, composable and decentralized social graph, which facilitates the construction of Web 3.0 social platforms ».

Lens Protocol is a real decentralized ecosystem, a base intended to host Web 3.0 applications related to social media. The protocol is open source and allows all developers to build a decentralized application there, such as a social network or a forum.

As explained by yoginth.eth, the founder of Lenster, building a social network on the Lens platform opens a field of possibilities totally different from what we have known until now:

“Lens is fundamentally changing the landscape of social media platforms and user experiences as we know them today. »

A fifty applications have already started to bloom on Lens Protocol. Among these, we obviously find Lenster, but also Lens Booster, SpamDAO, GoldenCircle, PeerStream, Swapify, Social Link and many others. As a member of the community, it is already possible to retrieve your ID and start browsing the platform.

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Lens in search of decentralization

Long presented as a competitor to Twitter or Facebook, Lens Protocol emphasizes thedecentralization and ownership of personal data users. Instead of being connected via an email address and a pseudonym, Lens is based on an Ethereum address and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Through this, users take control of the content that they publish and can control – instead of a centralized entity like Facebook, Google or Twitter – their personal data. Moreover, the idea is to unlock new sources of monetization content via NFTs for accounts of artists, influencers, etc.

Social networks are often criticized for their unilateral decisions to delete user accounts, without giving a clear explanation. The CEO of Aave himself, Stani Kulechov, recently faced such a suspension. In April, when the announcement of the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk, his account has been suspended for a joke about join Twitter as interim CEO ».

However, one detail remains to be clarified. A decentralized social network is undeniably very data intensive and must deal a very high throughput of transactions. This is a scalability problem that blockchains generally struggle to solve.

Although Lens is developed on Polygon, this network has already experienced heavy periods of congestion, especially during the release of highly anticipated games. For now, Kulechov has only said that the protocol will explore other second layer solutionsboth on Polygon and Ethereum.

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