Miss France 2023: une femme transgenre candidate à Miss Paris 2022

a transgender woman candidate for Miss Paris 2022

Andréa Furet is already known to viewers for having given the reply to Odile Vuillemin and Jonathan Zaccaï in He is shebroadcast on November 1, 2021 on TF1.

Five months after the coronation of Diane Leyre, Miss France is already preparing her succession. But before knowing the name of the thirty contenders for the title, the departmental committees are busy electing the one who will represent them in the regional competitions. On June 19, Miss Paris will designate her new beauty queen. The jury composed of members of the Miss Paris committee and that of Île-de-France will decide between the twelve young women in the running.

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Among them, Andréa Furet is already being talked about. And for good reason, the young woman of 19 years is transgender. A first in the history of Miss France. Its name should certainly tell you something. Indeed, she is known for having played the main role in He is she. Alongside Odile Vuillemin and Jonathan Zaccaï, she played Julien, a schoolboy convinced of being a girl stuck in a boy’s body. A role that allowed her to win the prize for female interpretation at the Luchon Television Creation Festival in 2021. Broadcast on November 1, 2021 on TF1, the fiction had brought together 3.1 million viewers, or 15.6% share. of hearing.

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In mid-December, Elisabeth Moreno, Minister Delegate for Gender Equality, met Alexia Laroche-Joubert, the new president of the Miss France society. Together, they had discussed the possible developments, in particular that of transgender candidates. “It is part of the discussions we had with Alexia Laroche-Joubert and we are in the process of thinking about this subject. It is possible”assured Elisabeth Moreno.

“From transsexuals to Miss France? There is no problem “

Alexia Laroche-Joubert

Yet a few days later, Sylvie Tellier, the general manager of the company Miss France, had kicked into touch. “For me it’s not a debate, when you register for Miss France, you fulfill a regulation which should not lead to investigations into the lives of these young women. For Miss France, we put a frame. Not to exclude people, but to limit the number of applications. We had record participation this year. There are a lot of competitions, one dedicated to smaller women, one for men… We don’t want to be the only Miss competition»she said on Europe 1 before being contradicted by Alexia Laroche-Joubert. “From transsexuals to Miss France? There is no problem”replied the producer at the microphone of Sud Radio. “As long as you have a civil act which reveals that you are a woman, it matters little to me whether you are a woman by birth or having made a change. I’ll tell you: let them show up!”she also told us.

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It now remains to be seen whether this change concerns only the Miss Paris committee or also that of Miss Île-de-France, the local committees having a certain freedom, and Miss France. In which case, in the event of victory, could Andréa Furet compete for the title? The answer is yes. “We only ask that the civil status be female”, replied the communication department of Miss France while confirming that the upper age limit no longer exists, the candidates must simply be of age at the time of the national election ceremony. The new rules of the Miss France 2023 contest will be officially communicated in a few days.

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