$ 59 million in bitcoins: the “Bunker of the billionaire”, a strange mansion for sale

$ 59 million in bitcoins: the “Bunker of the billionaire”, a strange mansion for sale

In the footsteps of Gucci! Whales that feature about 1,955 bitcoin (BTC) at the current price, will be able to buy this mansion on an island where celebrities particularly concerned about their privacy rub shoulders. This real estate developer thus proves once again that Bitcoin can also be used to buy a coffeethan to pay for a luxurious good.

Real estate record in bitcoin: a luxurious mansion, stars as neighbors

the Billionaire’s Bunker lives up to its name given the number of celebrities the island is home to. This Indian Creek Island located on Biscayne Bay in Miami has an area of ​​approximately 1.2 km2.

It is only accessible by a two-lane bridge which is protected by a barrier and armed guards. The device to keep the curious and the paparazzi away is completed by a police force of 13 people and a private marine patrol.

The island can now attract crypto fortunes thanks to this initiative of real estate developer Todd Michael Glaser. The man bought 37 Indian Creek Island Road for $24 million in the summer of 2021. The property belonged to TV host Don Francisco.

Todd Michael Glaser plans to build a new mansion there which spans 1,486m2, on a plot of just under 5,060m2. The architecture and interior were designed by Kobi Karp, the Miami luxury design house.

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$59 million in BTC for a mansion

The price of the mansion is $59 million. Its future buyer will be able to carry out its payment in Bitcoin. He will nevertheless have to wait 18 months to be able to move into his new luxurious residence.

Asked about his reasons for accepting bitcoin payments for his project, Todd Michael Glaser referred to the plunge of some luxury brands into cryptocurrency :

“If Gucci accepts bitcoins, then Todd Michael Glaser will too. »

This mansion at 37 Indian Creek Island Road could thus become the most expensive property purchased in cryptocurrencies. The current record goes to a penthouse in nearby Surfside. The property was purchased in 2021, by an anonymous buyer for $22.5 million in cryptocurrencies.

European bitcoiners don’t have to go across the Atlantic to buy bitcoin real estate. A buyer has thus fully paid for his house in bitcoin in Portugalwith the blessing of the Order of Notaries.

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