La première prise s’est faite sur le bac de Seine

VIDEO. Why was Stéphane Bern filming at La Bouille? We were there and we tell you

The star presenter Stéphane Bern was near Rouen on Tuesday May 17, 2022 to film the program “Le Village Favorite des Français”. It was his first time at La Bouille… and he will remember it!

A black umbrella deployed under a blazing sun. This anomaly in this postcard landscape did not escape the vigilance of Françoise, Annick and Élisabeth, three retirees on a walk in La Bouille this Tuesday, May 17, 2022. “It seemed surprising to us, and that’s where we saw it. » He is Stéphane Bern.

Our video report

The star presenter, filming in the city of Hector Malot for the France 3 program “The Favorite Village of the French”, quenches his thirst between two takes. “The umbrella is to prevent makeup from running,” explains the producer to the trio, who is waiting, smartphone in hand, to be able to steal a selfie with the host. “We like him. He is someone who showcases our country and its heritage, he looks simple and approachable. »

From the Seine ferry to the salt cellar

The three friends had the chance to see Stéphane Bern. The fervent defender of heritage does not travel on all the recordings, only five of the fourteen villages selected receive his visit for the report dedicated to them. “It’s according to his schedule, and the journeys between the villages”, summarizes Silvia Drumond, the producer of the show (Morgane Production). Five hours of filming for a result of seven to eight minutes, where we see the host, escorted by a resident, pacing the alleys, discovering its monuments or its specialties… In La Bouille, the first take was made on the ferry, to admire the village from the Seine, certainly its most beautiful angle. Then head to the quays where Lucien Vian explains why, for thirty years, he has been painting the village, like Sisley, Lebourg or Gauguin before him… “Because you can come and paint the same view three times a day, and the result will never be the same, the light is so changing. »

Photos and big smiles

Stéphane Bern lent himself to the game of photos all along his walk in La Bouille
Stéphane Bern lent himself to the game of photos all along his walk in La Bouille – Boris Maslard

Boat square, Saint-Michel alley, salt loft… Guided by Clément Bouvet, first deputy, Stéphane Bern lets himself be told the story of this village, the smallest in Normandy in area (1.3 km²), darling of the Impressionists and medieval charm intact, marked by the visit of Louis XI in 1467 and the birth of the writer Hector Malot in 1830. spoil the shots with the drone, but once the camera is in place, tourists and locals can’t help but greet the host or start a bit of a chat with him. “I would do this all day. It drives the production crazy

», slips Stéphane Bern with a smile, discovering for the first time, with unfeigned wonder, the village of La Bouille. It’s because time is running out, the shoot can’t go on forever. Françoise, Annick and Élisabeth’s wait was rewarded: their photo, they got it!

“I am committed to saving the church of La Bouille”

Barely had he taken one foot out of the ferry that Stéphane Bern had a concern in mind: how to save the Sainte-Madeleine de La Bouille church? At the beginning of 2020, the bell tower showed signs of fatigue and wear, pieces of stone falling at the foot of the building, which required the installation of a safety net pending possible work. “The Drac does what for you? And the Heritage Foundation, have you submitted an application for grants? », asks Stéphane Bern to the mayor, Jacques Meng. “There really is a lot of work to do. We will make a file
“replies the chosen one. “Ask us for help!” It is a pity that such a pretty village has a steeple in a supply net. I am committed to saving the church of La Bouille”, hammered the facilitator, who carries the Heritage Mission of the Foundation.

Stéphane Bern was also involved in the construction of the Saint-Ouen abbey, signing construction helmets for the auction aimed at finding funds for the restoration of his rose.

Will the village of La Bouille win?

This year, the program “The favorite village of the French” celebrates its 10th anniversary! For this anniversary edition, the village of La Bouille is one of the fourteen selected throughout France. The online voting campaign ended on March 22, so the dice are cast, but the mayor, Jacques Meng, remains a philosopher. “If we win it’s very good, if we don’t win it’s also very good; we will still have notoriety. » Because the online voting campaign has already put a spotlight on the town on the banks of the Seine, and the elected official has noticed an influx of additional tourists since March. “Our industry is catering and local trade, which lives thanks to the people of Rouen and other visitors who come for a walk. »

The first place would obviously be a significant bonus even if, underlines the production, it is not always the big winners who benefit the most from the visibility. To find out if La Bouille is doing better than Varengeville-sur-Mer, the last town in Seine-Maritime to have represented Normandy in 2016 and ranked 8th, we will have to wait for the broadcast in June on France 3.


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