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Nikos Aliagas sick: Pascal Obispo makes touching revelations about his state of health

During the prime which took place last Saturday, Alessandra Sublet was alone at the controls of the semi-final of The Voice. Indeed, Nikos Aliagas could ensure the presentation of the show, because he is suffering. During the evening, his friend, Pascal Obispo paid tribute to the flagship presenter of TF1 by dedicating a new song to him entitled “To whom to say that we are alone”.

A new formula

The eleventh edition of “The Voice” began on February 12, 2022. This season surprised both by the novelties brought by the production and by the talent of the participants. After Anne Sila’s victory during the “All Stars”, the tele-hook of the front page had a facelift by modifying the progression system and integrating a fifth coach.

For the past few weeks, Amel Bent, Florent Pagny, Marc Lavoine and Vianney have been building their talent teams. During part of the competition, Nolwenn Leroy served as the fifth coach. The competition is currently in the semi-final stage.

The five participants who won their place for the last stage of the adventure are known. They are Caroline Costa (Marc Lavoine team), Nour (Florent Pagny team), Mister Mat (Vianney team), Vike (Amel Bent team) as well as Loris, drafted by Nolwenn Leroy following his elimination from the Marc Lavoine. The final will take place on the evening of Saturday May 21, 2022 on TF1.

Nikos Aliagas: A noticeable absence

Nikos Aliagas was noted for his absence during the semi-final took place on Saturday May 14, 2022. TF1 explained this through a press release informing that Tina Grigoriou’s husband was “suffering”.

Alessandra Sublet was therefore alone in charge of the semi-final of the competition that evening. Nikos Aliagas nevertheless wanted to reassure the fans by sending them a short message on Twitter.

“Thank you for your warm words! Don’t worry, nothing serious! Tonight, I’m obviously watching The Voice live for the first time in my life! “, he wrote.

Pascal Obispo’s tribute

Pascal Obispo took advantage of the semi-final to introduce us to his new song entitled “A qui dire qu’on est Seul”. The singer then went on stage to interpret it. Before starting, he wanted to express himself.

He first noted that he was happy to see the presenter. The 57-year-old singer-songwriter then had a few words for his friend Nikos Aliagas. He said he spent part of the evening chatting with him on the phone.

“Nikos, when he finds himself a bit alone like that, he calls me. He kisses you all. I kiss her too and I dedicate this song to her, ”he added before starting his song.

Will Nikos Aliagas be there for the final?

After learning about the state of health of the presenter, many people are wondering if Nikos will be present at the last stage of the competition. Will he be cured by then?

Thomas Sotto answered this question on Monday May 16, 2022, in the program “Télématin” on France 2. The 48-year-old journalist wanted to be reassuring, since according to the latter, Nikos Aliagas has already recovered.

“Nikos Aliagas is watching you. He is in great shape, he kisses you. He is doing very well and he will be there for The Voice final, he lets us know, here it is […] We embrace it,” he said.

Florent Pagny present despite the disease

In addition to Nikos, another friend of Pascal Obispo is also sick. This is Florent Pagny. The latter suffers from an inoperable tumor in the lung. The singer still participated in the semi-final of the show despite his state of health.

“It’s going very well, we’re on an adventure. As long as we are not in pain and everything is going well, we have to be sure, so we are there,” said Florent Pagny.

To conclude, note that this final promises to be spectacular. Indeed, several stars will respond to the invitation of TF1 to ensure the show. We already know that Angèle, BigFlo and Oli, Christophe Willem, Mentissa and Mika will be present on Saturday May 21, 2022 on TF1. As for the winner of this edition, he will not be known until the end of the evening.

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