Mariés au premier regard

Married at first sight: Huge dispute between Emilie and Frédérick, what really happened will never be broadcast on TV!

A first couple argument then? In any case, the tension persists between Frédérick and Emilie because of what happened at the end of the last unreleased episode of “Married at first sight”, on May 16, 2022. However, viewers were unable to see what happened since the footage was not released. Want to know what happened? Read this article till the end.

Married at first sight: They loved each other very much

Emilie and Frédérick are part of one of the couples formed thanks to the program “Married at first sight”. Everything had started well between the two candidates. When they first met, they already seemed to be attracted to each other.

Moreover, during their first dance, they made a frenzied and promising exchange for the rest of their relationship. Viewers weren’t surprised to see the lovebirds bond while on their honeymoon in Prague.

The couple enjoyed a swim in the jacuzzi and they exchanged a kiss, under the gaze of the public. But as they were going to bed, the situation took another turn. That’s not all, the sequence was not shown to viewers. Frédérick then recounts what had happened.

Married at First Sight: A Joke Gone Wrong

Frédérick has concocted a surprise for his dear and tender wife at bedtime. As he confessed:

“I had brought my pilou-pilou beaver. The production wanted to film us lying down. They told me to put on my pyjamas, get into bed and that Emilie was going to join me. They told me that they were going to put themselves at the end of the bed and that they were going to film us. I had anticipated. I took my speaker, turned on my phone, and prepared a surprise. I hadn’t told anyone. I had put on my beaver pilou and I had put the duvet on me. »

His plan was going wonderfully at first. Emilie even had a giggle.

“Emilie comes in and comes into bed. We discuss. We kiss each other and everyone turns to turn off their lamps. At that time, I start the Prince of Bel Air music. Suddenly I pulled the blanket off, the beaver started dancing on the bed, I jumped, I was doing the dance from Prince of Bel Air by Will Smith. Everyone was shocked,” he said.

“Are you really like that? »

At first they had fun. Little by little, Emilie showed herself annoyed. According to her husband:

“Me, I am in my delirium. Emilie, as she doesn’t know me – we got married 4 days before – she was surprised. She kept repeating to me: ‘Are you really like that? But no ?! Isn’t he like that in real life? It’s not possible!’, ‘Don’t tell me he’s like that every day? »

An attitude that ended up upsetting Frédérick, who changed his mood after his little number. In the columns of Télé-Loisirs, the principal concerned confessed:

“At one point, she repeated it twenty times and then she said to me ‘are you really not serious?! Aren’t you just doing this for the buzz?” That pissed me off. My face has changed. The smile is gone. »

The tone rose between the couple. The Married at First Sight candidate didn’t like his wife thinking he was a manipulator.

“I am in a sincere approach. To make my smile go away, you have to go! Hearing my wife tell me that I wasn’t doing this with good intentions, it upset me. His smile was also gone in a split second. As she says, she’s a Sicilian, she has a temper. So here we go, it was the fireworks! “, he explained.

While Frédérick tried somehow to stay calm, he admitted that Emilie had exploded. According to the words of the man, she would not have appreciated the fact that her husband was offended. And things have gotten even worse, so much so that the groom is questioning their relationship.

“I say to myself ‘after 5 days, get this out of me, what will it be like in 3 months? 6 months ? “, he finally let go.

In any case, nothing is sure at the moment if the couple will stay together or not. The rest, viewers will find out in the next episode.

Why was the sequence not broadcast on the screen?

Viewers miss the argument scene because of a mistake. As Frédérick had explained, the cameramen were present at the time of the events. However, it turns out that they weren’t able to film.

“The camera, they weren’t ready. The rush skipped… That’s why they didn’t have the footage. I understood that they were disgusted, they were angry, because there was no way to recover these rushes, ”he argued.

Result: the public had not seen what happened. Certainly a great regret for the majority of people who would have liked to miss nothing of the episodes between Frédérick and Emilie.

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