Ledger annonce son extension Web pour améliorer la sécurité des utilisateurs du Web 3.0

Ledger Announces Web Extension to Improve Security for Web 3.0 Users

Ledger secures web browsing 3.0

The French neo-unicorn continues to work for user safety of Web 3.0. This Monday, Ledger announced the upcoming release a browser extension allowing you to connect your physical wallet directly to decentralized applications (dApps), in complete security.

In a few words, it will no longer be necessary go through various digital wallets to transit cryptocurrencies from a Ledger key to Web 3.0 applications.

Called “Ledger Connect”, this extension will initially see the light of day in the beta phase. In other words, at launch, it will only be available on Safari browser and compatible with the Ledger Nano X. The addition of other wallets from the Ledger range should come later.

However, beyond the simple practical aspect, Ledger Connect brings a real extra layer of security : “Web 3 Check” technology. When an application looks suspicious, the Ledger web extension immediately warn you of potential risksthe history of site security problems or any fraudulent smart contracts.

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An extension compatible with several blockchains

At launch, Ledger Connect will support the Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL) blockchains. For information, this is the first browser extension to offer compatibility on these two networks. In the future, Ledger intends to gradually open up to other blockchains.

In addition, with a view to making the user experience easier, Ledger Connect will automatically switch to the correct network when connecting to a Web 3.0 application. However, this automatic blockchain detection feature will not be available at launch.

“Our mission is to become your easiest and safest way to live the Web 3.0 experience. That’s why we just announced the upcoming launch of “Ledger Connect”, our new multi-chain browser extension for Safari that will greatly simplify your life in cryptocurrencies. »

It is important to note that Ledger Connect will not work as a non-custodial walletbut simply as an extension serving as relay between your Ledger wallet and Web 3.0. This is because it will not have an asset management feature which means that you will not be able to store and manage your funds from your browser extension.

Therefore it will always be necessary to have your physical wallet nearby in order to be able to interact with decentralized finance (DeFi) applications and protocols.

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