Ariège: a rugby referee struck on returning to the locker room

Ariège: a rugby referee struck on returning to the locker room

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During the final of the Honor of Occitanie championship, Sunday May 15 at the Fondère stadium in Foix, the referee of the meeting between Maubourguet and Fleury-Salles-Coursan was the target of a spectator who hit him in the head . The official filed a complaint. His alleged attacker has been arrested.

The day was supposed to be a party, it turned into a fight. The finals of the Honor rugby championships in Occitanie were marked by numerous extra-sporting excesses. Mathieu Nirascou is unfortunately well placed to testify. This experienced Ariège referee officiates at the regional level, in Federal 2. He is also vice-president of the Ariège rugby committee. It was he who was in the center of the field, Sunday, May 15, to lead the meeting between Maubourguet and Fleury-Salles-Coursan (sporting victory for Maubourguet, 18-15).

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At the end of the match, he was the target of a spectator, who wanted to punch him. Even if he was not seriously injured, this aggression marked him. “The match went very well. It was when I returned to the locker room that an individual, unidentifiable by the two finalist teams and who had managed to sneak into the tunnel, punched me in the head. I had time to see it coming and to dodge the blow a little. I didn’t understand anything and he didn’t say anything in particular. Apparently, he was the one who walked onto the pitch naked in the opening game. I filed a complaint with a civil action to mark the occasion compared to the other attacks on referees, who were more seriously affected. We cannot remain without doing anything. »

The rapid intervention of the police

Fortunately, the suspect was quickly subdued, arrested and placed in custody by the police officers of the Fuxéen police station. A presence which was reinforced following the call of Frédérick Dedieu, the president of the Ariège rugby committee, present in the stands on Sunday May 15. Because from 1 p.m., he felt that the atmosphere was not completely serene.

“The violence of the supporters, as soon as they arrived, surprised me,” he said. I quickly had fears because they were already fighting in the stands when there was no match. We felt a bad climate. That’s why I called the Foix police station from that moment (1). And luckily the police were there. This trivialization of violence is worrying. This is why urgent and rapid decisions must be taken. »

Mathieu Nirascou is worried about this kind of facts which are multiplying. “It’s the first time it’s happened to me but it’s getting bigger. It is a completely isolated act. There is an increase in violence in society. This has gained momentum since the Covid period. It is a societal problem. »

On the judicial side, therefore, the alleged perpetrator of the punch, originally from Aude, spent his end of the day in the cells of the Ariège police station. After being brought before the public prosecutor, Olivier Mouysset, he admitted the facts, was placed under judicial control pending his trial which will take place in October. He was sentenced while waiting for an obligation of care, a ban on coming into contact with the victim and a ban on entering a sports arena.

(1) For some years now, the officials of the Ariège District for football and those of the Ariège rugby committee have signed, with all the State structures in Ariège, a “protocol aimed at strengthening the fight against incivility and violence in sport in Ariège. »

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