Fifth.  The Prix de Saint Pourçain sur Sioule in Vichy this Monday, May 16, 2022. – Angers Info

Fifth. The Prix de Saint Pourçain sur Sioule in Vichy this Monday, May 16, 2022. – Angers Info

The Prix de Saint Pourçain sur Sioule in Vichy this Monday, May 16, 2022.

Direction Vichy this Monday, May 16, 2022 for the Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté +. In this event, the Prix de Saint Pourçain sur Sioule will have to compete against each other as runners. The race will be contested over 2950 meters, and endowed with 36,000€.

In this event, French Man (9) had proven, in March, that he was returning to a good level. After an accessit in Laval, he won easily in Caen. He has not confirmed since and disappointed, recently in Reims, where he started as the favorite of the GNT. On Monday, he goes down in category. Faced with such rivals, he must rehabilitate himself, especially since he has already shown himself on this track.

Geny’s secrets

Rene Corbin: Eden de la Moire (1) is regular. The last time was a bad engagement; it was more to maintain his form and preserve his feet. There was also a shorter race on Monday, but there were a little too many young people for my taste. If there is rhythm and he has a good hidden course, he can take up a place.

Loic Lerenard: Destrier d’Or (2) is a little less good in winter. There, he finds his good degree of form. There are some very good horses at the back post but, with the help of a good trip and as he has a lot of morale at the moment, he has the right to play for fifth-sixth place.

Yannick Henry: Fly To The Moon (3) now has three courses in the legs after being stopped all winter. He is on the rise and will, this time, be unshod on all four feet. It is much more efficient that way. Admittedly, the commitment at the near post is favorable, but it is blocked by a few rivals. Fourth place would fully satisfy me.

Oskar Andersson: My Dream Art (4) is a horse that has more staying power than speed and needs to run hidden. He remains on a good performance on grass, a surface perhaps more favorable for him. Maybe finding a hard track will not be ideal. It is also possible that the level of this event is a little too high to claim victory and that it should be considered for a small place.

Jerome Xavier Maillard: Escapade du Digeon (5) is better in winter, because it is not always good with its periods of heat. If she is not indisposed, she has her say. It always ran well at Vichy. She can go ahead like waiting.

Loris Garcia: Hope of the Day (6) was at fault on the post recently when he was going to take fifth place. Previously, in Marseille, he would have won without a fault at the end as well. He is in excellent physical condition but lacks success. Monday, he is well underway and, despite the opposition, I believe he is capable of finishing in the fifth.

Christopher Feyte: Entre Amis (7) proved to be at fault in the last bend where he “fell” on a searching section of track. He possessed the resources necessary to dispute the victory. He will be tackled in front and unshod from behind. He worked very well for this fine entry at the limit of hindsight. I’m counting on him to finish in the top three.

Denis Justinian Rousseau: Etincelle de Nieul (8) is good but we continue to prepare her for the future.

Maxim Busset: Dixit Danica (10) had run well in the GNT stage in Salon-de-Provence but he has not confirmed since. His form is unmistakable but, at 9 years old, he is still as delicate and unpredictable. Monday, he tackles a strong game and he seems hardly recommendable.

Frank Leblanc: Flamme Vive (11) would have disputed the victory, recently in the fifth of reference won by Farrell Seven, without a fault in the last turn. The rope on the right does not bother her. She made a mistake in her paces only because she was coming too fast. She stayed on top and finds a similar batch. I believe she is capable of taking her revenge.

Loris Garcia: Elan Baroque (12) still needs to run to find his best level. This attempt will allow him to prepare a more favorable commitment, soon at Marseille-Borély. On Monday, it will remain closed. I advise you to discard it.

Jean-Michel Bazire: Farrell Seven (13) clearly won in the fifth of May 2, disputed on this course. In the aftermath, he discovers similar racing conditions, two weeks apart, which is ideal. He remained at his best and seems able to double the bet.

Nicolas Richard Brossard: Campione Mio (14) has just won well at Castillonnès. The time before, it was too hard at Châteaubriant and, even before, he had not had the dream course at Salon-de-Provence. He is in shape. The entry is good and I think Vichy will suit him. There are two or three hard horses to take but it’s playable for a place. He is going to run hidden and it takes train.

Leo Abrivard: Vlad del Ronco (15) provided an excellent end to the race last month in Enghien, proving that he was coming back to the top. I already had this commitment in mind before his last outing. He particularly enjoys provincial tracks and has never left the top four on the right. Being retained in Maure-de-Bretagne, I called on “Gaby”. If he’s within range, he shouldn’t hit far.

Arnaud Desmottes: Espoir d’Elphigny (16) disappointed me in the Green Trophy event at Ecommoy. I thought it was ready but I realized that I hadn’t worked on it enough. So I intensified his training. He will, this time, present himself at the top. He is ideally committed to a profile of tracks that he will appreciate. I’m counting on him to finish in the top three.

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